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Fiorile Financial Advisory Group

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What sets us apart from other traditional accounting, tax, investment / financial planning and business services firm?  We believe that it is our prime directive to serving you and/or your organization so that you can focus on what's most important to you or is the greatest priority to your organization. 

Fully utilizing technology and online services, you and/or your organization has access to our wealth of knowledge, experierience and specific expertise at anytime and from any location. 

Coupled with accessing a diversity of services by means of the four pillars of our Group, you may expect from us:

  • Personalized, yet professional relationship with Fiorile Group staff

  • Convenient access to professional services without having to leave your office or home

  • Assurance of accuracy and timely delivery of high-quality accounting, tax, investment and business services

  • Access to a comprehensive and diversified list of services under one umbrella, that is most likely to yield you less costs and more value at the end of the day.


Often, performing an audit or other financial review projects is as important as producing a tax return. This compliance procedure is often needed for bank financing or to fulfill regulatory requirements. Our group has many years of experience in this area; from large city companies to local non-profit entities. Fiorile Financial Advisory Group can perform any function necessary in this area.


Also, providing financial information to our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a commitment that we are dedicated to producing. Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis.  Fiorile Financial Advisory Group  provides you with a comprehensive, full-range of accounting services.  There is no transaction our team of dedicated professionals cannot handle. 


At Fiorile Financial Advisory Group, we continue to strive for excellence by doing more than others expect us to do, in everything we do.  The only number you’ll be referred to as is #1, because at Fiorile, you will always be our most valued client. 

  • A member of our team will be assigned to you, which means that a close working relationship is established.


  • Each team member is trained in the latest payroll and bookkeeping practices and software, which means peace of mind for you in knowing that your matters are in good hands.


  • Since every business and non-profit is different, we are prepared for your ever-changing needs and individual attention.


Fiorile Financial Advisory Group staff will directly maintain your general ledger and help your staff record items correctly. We consider this maintenance to be of paramount importance to you and your company’s financial health.


Also, proper tax planning can be better accomplished. Working in tandem with our tax consultancy, you will always know where you stand and can react on a timely basis to avoid penalty.


Part and parcel of proper ledger maintenance is the use of needed adjustments to a company’s books. Our staff will prepare any recurring entries that may be needed through the year, as well as any year-end items that may be required for proper financial reporting. A set of books cannot be properly maintained without timely and accurate journal entries.


Fiorile Financial Advisory Group also applies the proactive vs. reactive approach to tax services. By keeping current on new tax laws and legislation, we are in a position to identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize both your current and future tax liabilities. We provide our individual and business clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge that they deserve throughout the year. Tax services offered include but are not limited to:


  • Tax Planning and Return Preparation
  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • LLC’s / LLP’s
  • S-Corporations
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Estates, Trusts and Gift Taxation
  • Taxing Authority Representation
  • Divorce and Spousal / Child Support Issues
  • Tax Effects of Buying or Selling a Business
  • Tax Shelter Advice


The firm considers tax planning to be the number one technique in minimizing tax liability.  Though the compliance requirement of completing tax forms correctly is extremely important for the financial well being of clients, we consider the strategies and timing of tax administration to be of extreme importance.  That is why our group of tax specialists focuses much of their attention on the things individual or businesses can do to limit their tax costs.


This discipline, coupled with the principles outlined in the next area, extends also to the estate and trust area.  While the firm finds significant importance in the utilization of the proper legal documents (wills, trust agreements, etc.) the minimization of fiduciary tax is extremely important.


Fiorile Financial Advisory Group has an entity, Fiorile and Associates, LLC that is a registered investment advisor with the SEC and New York State Division of Securities.  This entity handles all of the direct portfolio management components for our clients.  We accumulate assets and custody them with TD Ameritrade Institutional.  Under this arrangement, literally, any investment vehicle is available.


After many years of working with clients in this area, we have developed a portfolio management system which is disciplined and consistent.  Our approach has been very successful over the years, through many market conditions.  Its core principle is capital preservation; investment losses are contained and never allowed to overcome the person’s asset base.  Our overriding credo is to move a portfolio constantly forward and never backward.


The principal of Fiorile and Associates LLC is Joseph E. Fiorile.  He is a Certified Public Accountant (as mentioned above) and an accredited financial planner holding the designation of Personal Financial Specialist (PFS).  This is literally the hallmark of financial planning designations and is awarded by the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants.  To obtain such a credential one must be a Certified Public Accountant and strictly adhere to the principles that guide the credentialing practices, such as independence and transparency. 


Our investment management approach is fee-only.  We charge no commissions or sales expenses.  This allows us to be client advocates solely and not be influenced in any way be the dictates of a brokerage firm or wire-house.


In addition to investment management, this Fiorile Financial Advisory Group handles all components of financial planning integrated with the other service areas.  It is our belief that a client’s needs cannot be fully serviced if all of their requirements are separated in a disparate way.  We directly service the investment management component and all phases of tax and business advisory services.  Our network of professionals is available to perform services in addition to this core, such as legal, insurance and actuarial.  The approach that we take is that if any ancillary services are needed, they are done in direct conjunction with us so that clients’ needs are fully met.


It is important to us that small business owners and their families do not operate in a vacuum.  Though each of the areas outlined above are important to maintaining good business practices, it is equally important that small, closely held firms are advised on issues like succession planning and buy-sell agreements.  Also, we believe that to maintain optimal profitability, business leaders must have the proper skill-sets needed to manage their affairs.


Likewise, entrepreneurs who are seeking to begin new businesses must have the financial coaching to determine if the venture is a productive opportunity or not.  To this end, the firm is very committed to all of the miscellaneous services that ownership may need to traverse the difficult economic environment.


Joseph E. Fiorile, CPA, PFS is the founder of Fiorile Financial Advisory Group.  He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, a member of the New York State Society of CPAs and is past president of the Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce.


Although the Fiorile Financial Advisory Group is headquartered in the Historic Village of Saranac Lake, New York, which is considered to be the heart of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York, the Fiorile Financial Advisory Group and its predecessor incarnations have had clients from all areas of the United States.  Since our clients have a diverse range of issues and needs, the Fiorile Financial Advisory Group has earned its reputation for the wealth of knowledge and expertise we bring to our clients.


Helping private individuals, small business owners, professional service providers and non-profit organizations throughout the seven regions of the Adirondacks, the Fiorile Financial Advisory Group provides services in Malone, Plattsburgh, Lake George, Glens Falls, Old Forge, Tupper Lake, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Burlington, Vermont, Long Lake, Cranberry Lake, Star Lake, Harrisville, Watertown, Potsdam, Canton, Troy, Syracuse, Auburn, Geneva, Canandaigua, and Rochester, NY.

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Results-oriented. Looking out for you, we will find ways to achieve your bottom line,
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Value.  We endeavor to making sure that you receive a diversity of services, in a timely manner without mistakes, and at a reasonable price, which equates to value.

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